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The foundry division of Alan Beckwith Macbro Pty Ltd manufactures a wide range of castings for a wide variety of customers from the automotive industry to general engineering castings.

The foundry is mechanised with the Hunter moulding machine yet flexible with CT1, CT3, snap flask moulding, shell moulding, chemical and jobbing moulds.

The controlled operation from the HMP20 Hunter Automatic Moulding machine assures repeatable uniformity of the moulds to produce high quality castings with greatly improved dimensional tolerances.

For larger castings the CT1 machine is ideal with its larger plate size, and for the smaller plate sizes the CT3 machines are ideal. For small production runs then the snap flask is ideally set up to handle this.


Hunter HMP20
610mm x 510mm

Up to 900mm x 800mm, 300/300

Various sizes from 400mm x 400mm to 600mm x 530mm

Snap Flask
460mm x 355mm

For highly detailed castings our shell moulding equipment can be used to produce moulds up to 810mm x 510mm.

For other castings from your own or our tooling, chemical sand moulds can be produced to any size required.

Melting is carried out using several induction furnaces with capacities from 250kg up to 3.0 tonne, and the melting shop can produce a full range of cast iron, ductile iron, carbon and low alloy steels, Ni-hard and Ni-resists, SiMo castings from 0.1 to 2000kg.

Metal chemistry is controlled during melting and is checked prior to casting to ensure strict adherence to specifications and control procedures laid down. Final metal chemistry can be checked using our in-plant Optical Emission Spectrometer, as well as metallographic, tensile and hardness testing of the final product to ensure it meets the required specifications. If required outside testing for tensile and yield strengths can be arranged using NATA accredited testing facility.

The well planned layout of the foundry enables a smooth flow of castings, from moulding to dispatch which gives us the flexibility to meet your delivery requirements.

Alan Beckwith Macbro's foundry is accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9002: 1994. Licence No 8377, and is staffed by experts whose qualifications and industrial experience are at your service. Please feel free to contact us or visit to see how we can improve your casting costs and quality.